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Today’s post is brought to you by any letter other than T.

A challenge presented by The Mad Grad Students Missing Letter Mondays.

I’m weary.  I read my challenge and wonder, “Can I really survive one more week of avoiding words???”  I’ve finished A-S, so I’m deep in by now…

Sigh.  Okay.  Buck up.

My Monday morning joy: apprehensively occupying space in a car mechanic’s area.  No worries, our car is fine…my wheels need moving around so here I am, feeling very female.

Much like being in a barber shop, I feel awkward.  As if my ovaries confuse our surroundings, muddying auras and flubbing balance.  My organs and I perch in our chair, blogging clumsily, bungling words and repairing each one’s spelling for review.  Eleven proofreads and still I keep finding banned __s.

My Monday morning “well, crap”: no oil changes offered here.  One more errand for me before I’m done.