Warm weather is just around the corner.  I can almost taste it, and you know what that means…

Flip flops.

I love a good pair of flip flops.  I have two that are heavenly.  They have these cute polka dot straps and the sole is so incredibly cushy, it’s like walking on clouds.

Can you tell I seriously love my flip flops?

But as much as I love this footwear, there’s something else that comes with warm weather…something that always puts a smile on my face…

Red toenails.

Now, most people will tell you I’m not really a girly-girl.  I don’t spend copious amounts of time on my hair – well, my hair takes copious amounts of time, but I’m not fussing over it. It just takes a long time to dry and all.


I don’t do manicures or serious makeup, heels or purses to match my outfit…hell, I don’t even own a lipstick.

But when the weather gets warm I sure do love painting my toenails.

I’ve tried a dozen colors or so and some have been fun, but the only one that puts a heartfelt smile on my face is that fire engine red.  I used to swear by Revlon but now I’ve got an Opi that I love…(See?  So girly!  And so not me!!)

There’s something about looking down and seeing bright red tootsies that lifts my spirits every time.

And if they come from one of those rare occasions when I treat myself to a spa pedi?  Well, now, then it’s both delightful and heavenly.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.