is it possible to drown in e-mail?

I’m putting out the call for help here.

How do you handle your e-mail?

Please note:  Unless you have a significant number of e-mails due to blogging or a business, this post will probably be painfully boring to you.  Try reading this one from the archives instead. Nothing like some good mama drama to make you smile.

BrightSide is seriously horrified when he sees my e-mail count.  As I write this post my Inbox holds 3,049 e-mails, and I’m certain there’s a better way out there than what I’ve got going on. (On a side note, considering how much BS abhors clutter I can only imagine what seeing that kind of number is doing to him.  Sure, I’d benefit from getting this under control.  I’d also like to avoid giving my husband an anxiety attack.)

Currently everything either comes or is forwarded to my individual gmail account.

There are the personal ones (friends, family, hobbies/activities) and kid stuff (PTO, teacher communication, their clubs/activities).  Facebook sends notifications, Apple messages, and then there are the retail e-mails (sales events, coupons, websites I’ve used).  There are some messages for monitoring the kids’ technology (sshhh, don’t tell) plus a ton of other life stuff that gets e-mailed to me.

And then there’s blog-related e-mail.

I get alerts when blogs I follow publish a post along with notifications for RFTM (for likes, shares, and comments that need approval to publish on the blog).  Twitter produces a lot of e-mail: messages, likes, shares, follows, and general notices about people in my network.

I’ve always dealt with a lot of e-mail, but I’d say blogging has probably quadrupled the amount of traffic in my inbox.

Any suggestions?  Many of you have a much larger following for your blog, so I’m sure you’re facing the same challenges with technology.  Have you found a system that helps keep things in check?

Many, many thanks in advance…


10 thoughts on “is it possible to drown in e-mail?

  1. I have a separate email account that I only use for blogging. Then I don’t have to worry about missing personal or work emails. For the blogging email account, I just skim the listing and pick out those that look like they might be more than just post notices – I read those and just delete everything else. I’d go nuts if I had to open every single email that comes in.

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    • Okay, yeah, that does look insane…I actually have a HUGE backlog. Partly from being gone on vacation, partly because I don’t do a job clearing out my e-mails every single day. Once I get a new system set up I’ll need to block out time to do that! 🙂

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