“You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true.”

– Richard Bach, The Bridge Across Forever


Where do wishes come from?

Well, some children wish for things like food…a home…clean clothes to wear and someone to tuck them in at night.  If you’re lucky enough to have those then childhood wishes are the things of boundless imagination.  You wish for a pony or a pool or that new bike with the really cool handlebars.  The sky’s the limit, but you also learn that you can’t always get what you want.

Our grownup wishes come from a deeper well.  You might be wishing for your dream job or the courage to step out into a new adventure.  Maybe you’re wishing your relationship would be better, with your friends or your spouse or your kids.  Or you could be wishing for change, be it big or little, in the world around you.

Whatever your wish might be it wells up from within, and I truly believe we hold the power to shift our lives toward that wish.  Your subconscious has chosen a dream for itself, and as adults we don’t really wish for the impossible.  There is always a way.

Now, to be fair, it might look impossible.  And the way might be hard.  Some wishes are for an outcome so radically different than what’s in front of us it can be hard to see how you’d ever change enough to reach that point, but it can be done.  One small step at a time, you can make your wish come true.

You have the power.  You just have to believe.

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