some things just go hand in hand

Like socks and sneakers.  Or peanut butter and jelly.  Or shampoo and conditioner.

My kids are like that.  They may not have been born to the same mother but damn, do they have a lot in common.

Visit tomorrow’s Forever Family to talk about children in adoptive families.

People have been asking us “Are T-man and Bear brother and sister?” since they first came home.

When I was new to the adoption world (and, if I’m being honest, occasionally a bit touchy about the whole thing) this used to annoy me a little.  Maybe it was because I wanted people to simply accept that they’re sister and brother now, or perhaps I wasn’t keen on the intimacy of the question.  Sometimes I felt like I was walking a fine line between an acceptable response and what was their private story to share on their own terms.

But lately I’ve been looking at my kids and thinking about just how much they have in common. They really are birds of a feather…as a matter of fact, I’ve known some biological siblings that fall further apart on the spectrum than these two!


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