Sometimes it gets just a little too easy to settle into my comfort zone.  To wear comfy PJs or read a book or write for a while.  To choose peace and quiet over an adventurous outing or making plans with friends.

People have told me they wouldn’t peg me as an introvert, but there are quite a few days when battening down the hatches and hibernating with dogs seems like a perfectly viable life choice. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy snuggling with fur balls and catching up on blog reading for the day?

Thankfully, I have two kids who won’t hesitate when it comes to pushing me off the couch and into life once in a while.  The munchkins played a large part in each of the following:

  • Setting them loose in the kitchen to bake.
  • Face painting for kicks and giggles.
  • Hatching caterpillars (Jesus, take the wheel).
  • Infinitely poorly timed puberty talks (like this and this and this one, too).
  • Taking them for rides on the WaveRunners.
  • Spending actual energy oohing and aahing over a toilet, for Pete’s sake.
  • Kitchen dancing.  And hallway dancing.  And bathroom dancing to boot.
  • Attempting extreme crafting for my son’s class.

I tell myself these are growing experiences.  Memory-making moments that my kids will carry with them forever.  Then again, maybe it’s just all the crazy stuff they’ll remember their mom doing when they were young.

I guess everyone needs a jumping off point for their future therapy sessions, right?


My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.