chasing silence

The sound is everywhere -
echoing through the kitchen,
the hallway,
the stairs.
Pounding out its rhythm
in my temples
and down my neck,
pushing against my skull
until I feel bone splinter and crack
wide open,
letting the world flood in,
     too loud and harsh,
     too bright.
My knees fall weak under the assault,
and that awful noise 
will not shut up.
I press cool hands against my forehead
and find dampness on my cheeks,
bringing a fresh wave
of sorrow.
The dogs come running -
     alert, curious -
to find me and my dreadful sound
curled against the fridge.
I bury my face in their sides,
searching for silence,
and hold on tight.

- ljh 5/6/16

6 thoughts on “chasing silence

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  2. Silence can be brutally loud too… don’t you think so? Knowing that you’ve written this in the days leading up to Mother’s Day after having lost your mom makes me think of how loud silence can be if you miss someone… Not sure if this makes sense…

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