It’s an age old condition.  We swore we’d never do those mom things that made us crazy…the stuff that convinced us our own mothers had never been young and didn’t understand a thing. Shoot, there were probably cave girls back in the day, commiserating around the fire about how embarrassing their moms were…

What comes around goes around, and all that jazz.

8.  She sounded stupid when she was really angry.

There were times when my mom was so angry at us that she sounded like she was speaking in tongues.  Incomprehensible statements, guttural grunts, and run-on sentences would have made us laugh, save for her crazy eyes and red face.  When I yelled, ‘Don’t look at me in that tone of voice’ like a crazed lunatic last week, I caught a glimpse of my son trying to stifle his laughter.  He didn’t dare, though, because crazy eyes.

10 Things My Mom Did That Made Me Cringe (And Now I Do Them, Too) – Scary Mommy