It was a gentler time.  Sweet tea with dinner, catholic school retreats, and a ban on politics when it came to polite company.

But kids will be kids will be kids.  And they’re often funny as hell.

“That night at dinner, I waited until we were all seated at the table.  I looked over at my mother, who was usually the last one to start her meal, and I popped the question.

‘What does F.U.C.K. mean?’  It was simple, logical, unemotional, and stated as a matter of fact.  I had no reason to fear or be ashamed of the question, or apprehensive of the answer.

Until my mother dropped her fork, turned beet-red, and stared over at Dad for moral support.  He grinned widely; I will never forget the look, and said, ‘Go ahead, tell her, Mom’.

She died in 1980 at the age of 53.  I never received her answer.”

Sex Ed and Mashed Potatoes – vanbytheriver