This is 110% SPOT ON.

For real, I’ve had my own traumatic run ins with Law & Order episodes since the kids came along…it hasn’t been pretty.  Anxiety shows up in the oddest places, and despite being a serial repeat reader there are now books that I’m absolutely certain I will never read again. (Goodbye, The Lovely Bones.)

So if you’d like to feel slightly less alone in your weirdness (or understand the women in your life a little better), then read on.

“Motherhood has made me weird.

Like, before kids, I was mostly normal.  I didn’t worry about life, and I pretty much trusted things to work out…My husband and I did what we wanted, when we wanted, and save for the occasional financial mini-crisis or an epic hangover on a Sunday morning, life was pretty damn good.

And then I had kids…

I have a list of things I can’t handle since kids, and I’m fairly certain it’s undeniable proof that motherhood actually makes women crazy.”

7 Things I’m Weird About, Thanks To Motherhood – Scary Mommy