It’s going to be quite a week.  Whatever you’d like to call this – a chance for growth or resolution or closure – I’m certain it will involve enormous emotions.

We’re getting ready for mom’s service at Arlington.

People have reacted to this news in varying ways.  Some have asked me how I’m doing, while others have been very matter of fact about it.  They’ll give me almost a pragmatic response, like one I’d get for any sort of travel plans.  It’s kind of hard to explain, I guess…it just strikes me as odd.

Then again, maybe they’re simply feeding off my energy.  I’ve been steeling myself all month…first to get through Mother’s Day, then Bear’s first birthday without my mom, all leading up to another funeral service.  I know I’ve locked things down simply so I could function.  I’ve been marking time until this moment, and now that it’s almost here I can feel my composure slipping a little.

My friend tells me this is a chance for growth.  To really say goodbye to my mom and begin a new stage of healing.

I hope she’s right.