December catches a lot of flack.

Oh, woe is me…November birthdays roll us right into the holiday season.  At least three family Christmas celebrations in 25 days.  Neighborhood and company and classroom parties, teacher gifts, plus (last but not least) pulling off the whole Christmas gift thing with the kids.

So December seems like a natural choice for the month most likely to kick my ass.  This is probably why May takes me by surprise.  Every. Single. Year.

For reasons known only to forces of the universe, I can’t for the life of me seem to remember that Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week in May.  Until the last week of April, that is.  Then the realization hits me full force followed by several frantic days of catch-up, which means I’ve already started the month off behind the eight ball.

Mother’s Day follows right on the teachers’ heels.  Normally this is manageable.  I mean, I’ve always been scrambling to get gifts and cards for our moms and I usually send notes to the kids’ birthmoms, but this year all bets were off.  I was pushing hard to get through my first Mother’s Day without my mom; let’s just say that we had to wing it on a few things around here.  But hey, the world kept on spinning and no one went naked so we’ll call it a win.

Side note: I wrote Chasing Silence in the days leading up to Mother’s Day and have had more than a few people ask about it.  That was a hard morning.  Ugly crying – like the really ugly, puffy eyes, go through twenty tissues crying – is exhausting.  And loud.  And enough to give me a headache for days.

Add in Bear’s birthday, baking for the school’s percussion party, a weekend at the lake, two church committee meetings, a company dinner, Bear’s party and sleepover, plus our trip to bury mom in Arlington cemetery (on top of my, you know, REGULAR life) – you might say I’ve crashed and burned.

And we haven’t even tackled Memorial Day weekend or T-man’s Gotcha Day yet.

May is for real kicking my ass.

It might be time to finally accept that December’s been usurped as the craziest month of the year.  They say you shouldn’t wish time away, but I’ll tell ya…May’s a rough one.