We ate at several different restaurants while visiting Barcelona.  I found each of them through a highly scientific process of researching through – wait for it – Facebook.  Yep, we threw caution to the wind and rolled the dice on restaurants based solely on the recommendations of absolute strangers.

Call me a rebel.

At any rate, this method of restaurant selection led us to reservations at a little place about twenty minutes from our hotel named PORK.  Several people from BrightSide’s company highly recommended it, plus they got great reviews on Yelp.  Which is how we found ourselves visiting there one Wednesday night in March.

I don’t know why I was surprised by the fact that the menu choices were all (wait for it) pork…hell, it’s right there in the name…do I need to be hit by a brick or something?!

But surprised I was, as we sat there staring at a menu comprised entirely of pig dishes.

There were some awkward minutes as we tried to make sense of how to order dinner at PORK. The kids were flummoxed and naturally looked to us for help.  BrightSide and I were nonplused…finally we relented and asked for some (excellent) suggestions from our server.

Our first course was the cold meats.  These weren’t really anyone’s favorite, but there wasn’t any outright grumbling so I call that a win for good restaurant manners.

Next came the bread.  Bear was initially excited about this course ’cause, you know, bread, but this lost its luster once she realized the appetizer required work.  She bounced right back, though, after the server gave Bear the sample she’d made.  The rest of us created our own.  You take toasted bread, rub it with a garlic clove and a halved tomato, drizzle it with oil, then sprinkle it with a spicy sea salt.  It was delicious.  ‘Cause, you know…bread.

Then we moved on to three types of sausages.  BrightSide, Bear, and I enjoyed these but T-man wasn’t a huge fan.

Our main course consisted of shoulder, ribs, and “steak.”  The challenging part here was having to order the portions in grams.  For example, “We’d like 200 grams of ribs, please.”  This was a total shot in the dark, one I willingly passed off to BrightSide.  I had precisely zero idea of how much food we were ordering and was pleasantly surprised when reasonable portions arrived at the table.

As for sides, heaven forbid we go anywhere without ordering (eye roll) fries but the potatoes au gratin were to die for, and naturally we all managed to find room for dessert.  I considered the outing a success…we’d dressed up a bit, ventured out into the city, and tried something new.

Landing squarely in the category of unfortunate timing, though, was T-man’s revelation of the night.  Shortly after beginning dinner T-man announced a newfound sensitivity to the plight of pigs.

T-man:  It’s just so sad that we’re eating these poor cute animals who are one of God’s living creatures.  [sigh]

Me:  Ummm…okay then.  So you’re a vegetarian now?

T-man:  Yeah.  Well, except burgers.  And steak.  And barbecue.  And bacon.