I never truly appreciated the simplicity of driving a car from Point A to Point B before I had children.

Driving a car, pre-kids?  Grab keys and purse, buckle up, check gas gauge, choose radio station, and drive.  Done.  Shoot, I might have even had a soda along the way.

But driving post-kids?  It takes an extra 20 minutes to even reach the stupid car.  Suddenly I have to concern myself with everybody’s physical needs (do you need a snack?  have you gone to the bathroom?  will you be warm enough?) before juggling the delicate negotiations of chauffeuring two children at once.  Who got to choose the music last time?  The temperature?  Whether the moon roof was open in the neighborhood?  It’s like walking the high wire with an explosive vest strapped to your chest.

When it comes to driving with kids, this lady gets it.

“Driving in the car with kids is not without its challenges.  Especially because, as a parent, car safety is a huge value.  You want to get from A to B with the least amount of distractions possible, but kids can make that more difficult.  Here are a few of my pet peeves when I’m driving with the kids:

1. When my kids act like it’s a restaurant.  I swear, we can be home for hours, where there is plentiful food in the fridge, and we get in the car for 10 minutes and suddenly they are famished. Starving.  Cannot make it another minute without sustenance.  I am constantly reminding my children that there is no kitchen in the minivan.”

Rage Against the Minivan: Top teen pet peeves while driving in the car with kids.