A blast from the archives – here’s last year’s Gotcha Day post about the day T-man came home. It was what one might call eventful, and not for just the obvious reason.

“After leaving the agency with T-man, we realized we were pretty darn unprepared at home. That would be how we found ourselves stopping at Babies ‘R Us on the drive back…BrightSide, me, and a baby that needed, well, everything.

We walked through those doors into what was essentially a foreign land.  After settling T-man into the shopping cart’s seat (we were old school – aka unprepared – no protective germ covers for him) we stopped the first employee we saw and then looked at each other, unsure what to do next. But we needed serious help and knew being direct would be the fastest way to get it, so we told her we’d just picked up our son with basically a crib, car seat, and high chair to our names.  The only thing we knew for sure was the diaper size and special formula he needed – everything else was a mystery.”

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