We have finally arrived.

We may have dragged ourselves across the finish line, clawing our way through the last few weeks of assignments and activities, but we have by golly reached the end of this school year. Desks have been emptied, library books returned, and report cards passed out.

The kids have survived the last bus ride home, unpacked their last backpack, and sprinted into the warm summer day to play.  Unbridled joy has descended once again upon the household.

Amen, hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass the pudding.

No more lunches to pack, which is good since I watched Bear shove a mostly empty family sized bag of BBQ potato chips into her lunchbox on Tuesday and didn’t bat an eye.  We are clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

No more alarm clocks set for the crack of dawn, which is good because I’ve had to drag one or both kids out of bed on more than a dozen occasions over the last few weeks.  We are obviously over the “bounce out of bed to greet the day” stage.  I’d like to think we’re entering the “sleep in to a decent hour” stage but will be satisfied as long as somebody (aka me, myself, and I) gains a few hours of sleep each morning.

No more homework checks or permission slips, book projects or water bottles, bus drama or progress reports or lunchroom politics.

We are d-o-n-e.

And if I had to be honest about it, I was more than a little done about three weeks back.

Here are just a few things I will not have to utter for ten glorious weeks:

  • What do you have for homework?
  • Have you unpacked your backpack?
  • Have you packed your lunch?
  • Please remember to give your teacher my note.
  • Do you have a test this week?
  • Do you need anything signed?
  • No, you can’t wear flip flops to school.
  • Because it’s in the dress code.
  • I don’t care that every other fifth grader has a phone.

I’m not delusional; I know summertime brings its own unique set of challenges.  I’m fairly certain it’ll take less than a week for technology limits to be the new hot topic.

But whatever.  At least it doesn’t have to happen at 6:30 in the morning.