So I’ve got this goal.  While posting Stream of Consciousness Saturdays on, say, Saturday might be out of reach, I believe I can make it happen by Sunday.  Not this coming Sunday, mind you, but a Sunday in the very near future.  I can feel it in my bones.

SoCS rules are pretty straightforward: the post must be stream of consciousness writing with no editing and minimal planning, plus it can be any length or genre.  (You can read the complete list of rules including ping backs and blogger good will here.)

The prompt for June 11th is a word with the letters “mb” in it.

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Accepting my imperfections has a very freeing quality to it.  Letting go of the idea that I always have to be on, to be right, means it’s not the end of the world when I screw up.  And let’s just be honest – it’s not like that’s an unusual occurrence around here.

But I’ve accepted that failure isn’t in the stumbling.  It’s in failing to pick myself up, brush myself off, and move forward with the same energetic enthusiasm as if I hadn’t fallen at all.

Some of my most worthwhile lessons have come after a stumble.  Trusting my heart to the wrong person.  Caving to peer pressure instead of standing on my own.  Ignoring my instincts because I was afraid to make a scene.

All missteps leading to a fallout.  Some merely an embarrassing blunder, others that left me devastated and wondering how I’d pull myself together again.

But I am only human, after all…nothing more, nothing less…and failure isn’t in the stumbling.

So I get up again.