There are days when the learning curve around here resembles the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens just a little too much for my liking.  Loop after loop after loop, enough twists and turns to make you puke, and you end up right back where you began.

And by you, I mean T-man and Bear.

Kids will be kids, right?  And they’re supposed to make mistakes, to learn and grow from their experiences.  We went for a number of months there when they had the mistake making part down cold.  But the learn and grow portion?  Not so much.

Someone small would make a mistake, bigger than let’s have a talk but smaller than holy crap, you did WHAT?!  You’re grounded for a month.  We’d discuss the choice and there would be consequences that inevitably made someone unhappy.

Then that same small someone would make the same mistake, still falling below the requires a nuclear meltdown level but pretty freaking annoying regardless.  I’d dig in, breathe deeply, and have yet another conversation resulting in consequences that made someone even less happy.

Then, lo and behold, can you believe that certain someone would make the same blessed mistake?!  Again.

This was usually when the train left the tracks for me.  I mean, I try to be patient but I’m no saint, and when I feel like I’m repeatedly knocking my head against a wall I tend to get a bit crabby.  BrightSide might argue with that “a bit” modifier, but I think the point is clear.

Once we hit the third or fourth (or, Lord help me, fifthtime for the same offense I start to get more than a little concerned.  Sure, the kid’s screwing up, but what on earth am I doing wrong? If you haven’t moved onto a new mistake learning experience after three infractions then I have to seriously reevaluate my behavioral management skills.

And not for nothing, but would it be considered lazy parenting to make a recording of my “Because you chose to do THIS…” speech?  After who knows how many run throughs my delivery is starting to wear a little thin.  I have visions of bringing my best withering look, holding up my phone, and dramatically pressing Play.

At the very least it would add a much appreciated element of entertainment to a tedious conversation.