Those missing pieces of an adopted child’s history can be various shapes and sizes.  Sometimes they’re tiny slices, small details that nibble away at the subconscious.  Sometimes they’re giant chunks, missing years that are forever lost to the child.  Either way, the effect can be earth shattering.

Tomorrow’s Forever Family will talk about children with missing or difficult information about their biological family.

We all have a past, a history that’s part of our core makeup.  It might not be something we actively think about as we go about our day to day lives but it never leaves us; it simply is.

I grew up in a military family with a sister and brother.  My dad was career navy, and my mom spent most of her time taking care of us.  She’s the reason I love reading and baking, but my dad’s DNA won out when it came to my skin, eye, and hair color.

I don’t spend much time thinking about those things, but deep down they’re a part of me.  They’re my starting point in life, my touchstone.  They’re the givens I never have to question.

But what happens when chunks of a person’s core history are simply missing?