As promised, I’m working to move my stream of consciousness post to Sundays.  As such, this first one might be a little scattered.  Then again, I guess that’s kind of the point of SoCS writing.

The prompt for 6/18/16 is “class” (any meaning).  You can find full details at Linda’s blog here.

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on Sundays!

We’ve just let out of school for the summer and the kids are flying high.  There was a day or two right at the end when they were thinking about how much they’d miss their friends, something that was a bit worse for T-man since he’ll be moving on to middle school.  But for the most part the overwhelming sentiment was something akin to SUMMER!!!

So we’re in our honeymoon phase – the days when free time is glorious, camps are exciting, and everyone’s still doing a decent job of not getting on each other’s nerves.  I’m not fool enough to think this will last the entire summer but each year I hold out hope that the euphoria will stretch a little further into July.  Fingers crossed.

What happens in August without fail, though, is the angst as school approaches and the kids are waiting on pins and needles for class assignments.  Suddenly children who don’t seem to believe I have any particular super powers are convinced I have a psychic knowledge of the mail system.  They must, because suddenly “when will I get my class letter?  when will they tell me who my teacher is?  when when when when when?????” is a repeating refrain in our house.

One of these days I just might get creative with my responses.  Like with, oh, I don’t know…opera.  “I do not knooooow.  I Do Not Knooooow.  I-do-not-know-there’s-just-no-way-that-I-can-know.  I-do-not-know-there’s-just-no-way-that-I-can-know.”

Or maybe I’ll horrify them with some rap.  “I do not know when you will get your knowledge/when the school will tell you who preps you for college/you gotta wait/you won’t be late/before you know it you will know your fate!”

There are probably all kinds of way to add some fun to this process if I put my mind to it. Cookies with giant “CLASS???” on them.  Fake envelopes with official looking letters declaring “No, we still have not assigned you to a class.  Be patient.”  Maybe I can even suck them in with an e-mail:  “T-man/Bear, we are pleased to inform you that you will definitely be in a class this fall.  Further details forthcoming.”

I’ll find a way to spice up the waiting somehow.