In my most secret dreams, there’s an alternate universe in which Katie Hoffman is my long lost sister.  This woman wields satire with a tongue so sharp it puts us all to shame.  I aspire to write pieces that make people laugh like I do when I read Sass & Balderdash.  Then I feel a little guilty because it could involve tinkling in embarrassingly public places…except not really, because Katie Hoffman.


“…Believe it or not, I’ve come across many cisgender people whose presence and/or actions in the bathroom made me significantly more uncomfortable than the prospect of a cameo appearance by a transgender person.  Here are just a few examples of issues that may be more pressing than who is in the stall next to us…

2. People who refer to the bathroom as the little girls’ or little boys’ room.  

Typically a habit of the pretentious, the trying too hard, and the out of touch, the announcement, “I’m going to visit the little boys’ room!” steers even the liveliest of conversations toward uncomfortable silence town.  These men and women believe the act of dropping a deuce is less threatening if you leave everyone wondering if you’re going to build a sandcastle or play hopscotch before rejoining the group with empty bladder.”

5 Appalling Things in the Public Restroom More Detrimental to the Fabric of Society Than The Gender Identity of the People Inside – Sass & Balderdash