Oh, those crazy kids.  Scamps, really.  I can hardly keep from laughing, what with all the silliness they spout.

Of course, it’s usually the truly bizarre moments that stick out in my memory.  Like the Jesus butterfly who had her period.  Yep.  That was a good one.

Here are a few more zany, yep they really said that moments in another whirlwind edition of I said, he said, she said.  (You can read some other classic kid moments here and here.)


Bear: (happily patting her shirt)  “Mom, when they called this bra ‘Incredibly Soft’ they weren’t kidding!”


Me:  “You know what a period is, right?”

T-man:  “Yeah, it’s that time of the month when girls can get moody.”

Me:  “NO, I mean the period itself.

T-man:  (blink, blink)

Isn’t anyone listening to these puberty talks?!?


I’d brought home some sports bras for Bear, her first ones from the misses section, and she was trying them on for fit.

Bear:  (gleefully squishing her boobs)  “Look, dad, it has PADS!!”

BrightSide:  (blink, blink)

Me:  (shrug)


Bear was spending the night at a friend’s house, so BrightSide and I were enjoying some quality time with T-man.  We let him have a soda (I know, we’re wild and crazy like that), ordered a pizza, and agreed to a late movie night.

T-man:  “Man, I love being the only kid!!”

I think he may have missed the point.


T-man found me brainstorming in a notebook, pen moving furiously across the page while I worked on ideas for the blog.  I could see him watching me out of the corner of his eye for a bit before he got the nerve up to ask.

“Mom, what on earth are you doing?

I’m not sure if he was thrown by the brainstorming or the fact that it was with real paper and pen.


Everything’s been running a bit off schedule these last few months – a day late and a dollar short kind of thing – so it was no surprise that I found myself fast approaching swim season without suits.  I thought I could make do with the ones from last year, but a trip to the lake in May revealed that the tops dipped a bit (ahem) low for my comfort.  Especially seeing as I’d be taking pictures of people’s kids around the pool at the summer regional meeting.

With no time to spare and the ability to shop from my couch, Amazon Prime is my friend.  I was in a bit of a hurry, though, so it wasn’t until we were on our trip that I realized my new swimsuit bottoms were a size too big.  (This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you’re a girl you know what happens when the suit gets wet…suddenly flashing my boobs at people became preferable to constantly adjusting my suit bottom.  But I digress.)  Bear was, let us say, a bit blunt.

Me:  “Well, I guess I’ll have to buy smaller ones when we get home.”

Bear:  “Don’t worry about it, mom, you’ll probably get bigger.”