I can’t be the only one whose technology puts up the occasional battle.  Kicking, screaming, spitting, angry technology that threatens to freeze my accounts and put me on a 24 hour hold. Systems that demand increasingly bizarre passwords, unhackable locks on super crucial information like my twitter feed.

Here’s Katie Hoffman’s passionate password plea.

“Hey, you.

It’s been too long.  When was the last time we got together?  Was it two months ago when I signed up for that 30-day free trial software that required my password contain two seldom-used punctuation marks, a capital vowel, and a prime number?  Good times.  It feels like just yesterday. Do you remember when it took me three tries to retype you correctly in the confirmation box?  I thought I’d never be able to finish creating my account.  That’s what I love about you – you always keep me guessing.”

An Open Letter To My Alternate Password – Sass & Balderdash