My Gratitude Project posts have run the gamut from BrightSide and the kids to spring and solitude.  From music to friends to siblings.

But I can safely say I’ve not yet written a post on the glories of a good sports bra.

I’m sure some of you must be confused.  I mean, I all but vilified the sports bra in another post, but I have to admit now that I stand corrected.

Okay, sure, there’s still a bit of contortionist action when I wrangle into the things but it turns out there’ve been a lot of improvements in this particular article of clothing since my college days.  (Oh, I didn’t mention that my sports bras were from 1992?  Ummm…yeah.)

Sweat wicking material.  Super fun colors.  And a design that doesn’t feel like you’ve duct taped your boobs to your chest.  That last one’s a particular favorite of mine when it comes to improvements.

The real irony is that I’ve decided that I like my sports bras better.  So what if they’re a little more challenging to put on – they’re comfortable, all day, and I believe in being kind to the ta-tas.

Who says you can’t be grateful for underwear?

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.