Welcome back to that random flow of writing called Stream of Consciousness Saturday (except on Sunday).  Hopefully we’ll end up with some sort of logical piece by the end of it all.  I have to admit – it’s a little weird to start something without really knowing where it will end up.


This week’s prompt is “long.”  You can check out all the details at Linda’s blog here.  If you haven’t given this a shot yet I highly recommend it.

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on Sundays!

I can honestly say I don’t recall paying much attention as a child, but once Bear came along it became glaringly apparent: Disney princesses as a whole sport seriously long, flowing, gorgeous locks.  Every single one.

I think that may be why I enjoyed Tangled so much – Rapunzel was the first princess in an extremely long stretch of movies where the star ended up with a cute little crop by the end.  But I digress.

Princesses.  Long, flowing, gorgeous locks that make even the grownups with hair issues feel a bit inferior.  That’s where we were.

As the animation technology improved, the hair wars began.  Which princess would have the most enviable mane?  Beautiful strands billowing down their backs, swirly around them as they danced, individual pieces glittering in the moonlight.  And when technology mastered the art of wet hair?  Well, even I stared in amazement at the shimmery waist length hair that managed to look glorious instead of bedraggled.

Do you suppose Disney or Pixar had product placement deals with hair products?  Not that they were ever shown in the movies…but do they have psychically linked product placement deals?  ‘Cause it totally would have worked on me and my unmanageable challenging hair.

We all wanted that hair.  Or at least me and all my friends did.  Gorgeous hair with waves and body that trailed down my back, simultaneously making me look carefree and well-tended.  You never saw princesses bemoaning their split ends or breaking into a sweat from all that hair in the dog days of summer.  No…they twirled and danced and (in more modern editions) fought their way out of dungeons and saved their princes, all while boasting the perfect coiffure.

I think of those princesses now when I see the models walking down the runway with “beach waves” in their hair.  Gorgeous sun kissed strands curl gently down their backs, while I remind myself that it probably took three hours and two stylists to get that look.  Because I know my hair’s never looked like that at the beach and I don’t want to think of myself as an underachiever.

I wonder when we’ll get a princess with a cute pixie cut.  Even better, I wonder when we won’t refer to her as “cute” for not having long, luscious locks.