In honor of tomorrow’s Independence Day, I’ve chosen a medley of Sunday Snapshots that represent a few things I’m so grateful we have.

Our family can look however God intended it to – big, small, black, white, and everything in between.  We have a family defined by love and not by someone’s else’s laws.

Our children are healthy and happy.  Kids who love the outdoors, sports, oceans, lakes, and exploring.  They are adventurers down to the tips of their toes.

I’ve been entrusted with these beautiful children.  They teach me something new every single day, changing me as I move through my own journey.

The joy of travel.  We’ve been blessed to see so much of the world, and now we’re able to share that with our children.  What a gift to show T-man and Bear how many fascinating cultures there are out there.

We have our share of troubles in the U.S. and, given the first amendment, I’m not shy about talking about them.  But we have gracious plenty to be thankful for, too.