Now that I’m a grownup I try not to get sucked into fads willy nilly.

Belly button piercing?  No thanks.  Sneakers with baby doll dresses?  Not happening.  Getting my kids’ names tattooed on my ankle?  Ummm…I don’t think so.

But these adult coloring books?  Oh. My. Word.  Talk about addictive.

There are lots of choices out there, but I’m pretty particular about which ones I like.  Bear has some graphic design ones that practically induce seizures with their strobing patterns.  She also loves the cat book she’s working on.  Me?  I lean toward coloring mandalas.

Mandalas are geometric figures representing the universe in Indian religions.  Loosely translated to mean “circle,” the mandala is much more than simply a shape.  It represents wholeness through a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to the infinite.

I find that mandalas have a very soothing quality.  Coloring these designs takes me to a place where my mind clears and I simply am.  My brain quiets and everything else fades away…I’m not worrying about my schedule or chores yet to be done or doctor’s appointments…I’m not worrying at all.  I’m simply coloring.

As an added bonus, working on these complex designs with gel pens gives me ample practice in letting imperfections go.  Did I freak out just a teensy bit the first time I slid outside a line?  Or smudged the color by closing the book too soon?  Well….yes.  Yes, I did.  Do I do that any more? I’m proud to say no.

Not sure if it’s the mandala at work or the gel pen zen.  Either way, my coloring books do me right.


My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.