that flush of rage

Emotions are difficult in so many ways, much more so when you’re young and learning to navigate new waters.  Love, hate, jealousy, friendship, anger…understanding what each means and learning to express them in a healthy way is challenging, more so for kids who are already dealing with complex personal issues.

Tomorrow’s Forever Family talks about anger in tweens.  Come add your own perspective.

Anger is a tricky emotion.  It can feel so righteous, so good to get angry about being mistreated. To lash out when you feel like you’re the last to earn privileges dropped easily into your friends’ laps. Channeling frustrations from the day into a small slight once you’re home.

I don’t think it’s healthy to tell kids they can’t express anger.  At the same time, I’m supposed to help them learn to recognize when their feelings are justified and how to communicate them in a nonviolent way.  Not such an easy skill to master when you’re a tween.


2 thoughts on “that flush of rage

    • Thank you, and thanks for sharing your perspective. You’re right — both of mine are juggling so many things, all compounded by a furious rush of hormones as we head into these puberty years. I hope with time we can help them make the distinction between rage worthy and annoyances.

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