Gracie, Gracie, Gracie…


I feel like this dog deserves her own page on the blog.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get inspired and link all the Gracie nuttiness to a tab in the menu bar, but for now let’s check in for her next update.

Gracie’s current tally of destruction (since the last one, anyway) stands at:

  • granola bar wrappers from T-man’s room
    • Why are those under his bed anyway?
  • more Post It notes than I can count
  • a strip of tin foil
    • This earned Gracie an emergency trip to the vet on a Saturday morning.  X-rays ensued.  The vet decided it was a small piece that was already balled up and cushioned by her morning’s breakfast, blessedly eliminating the need for emergency surgery.  On the plus side, nothing else weird showed up in there.  And on the reassuring side, the vet promised all this insanity isn’t my fault, that she’s just a golden.
  • a Bojangle’s biscuit wrapper
    • my bad for dropping it
  • fingernail clippers
    • chewed but not swallowed, thank heavens
  • the take home bag from my dentist’s office
  • sugar free gum
    • Gracie chewed up the box, licked/gnawed two sticks, and swallowed at least one delicious watermelon flavored piece.  Fun fact learned that day: an ingredient in sugar free gum is even more toxic to dogs than chocolate, leading to Operation Induce Vomiting that afternoon. After an hour of sweltering backyard heat I accepted the fact that Gracie refused to puke that gum up…which I guess means she drank peroxide that day, too.
  • a small plastic bag that contained two springs (one went missing)
  • half a graduation program
  • Sarah’s “cheesy chips” (aka nachos) and part of a cheese quesadilla
    • After yet another outraged scream from my daughter I suggested that she might possibly CONSIDER the fact that she shouldn’t be eating on the couch.  Just a thought.
  • tissues galore
  • and, in a stunning display of poor houseguest manners, one package of a dozen dinner rolls at my in-laws’ house last weekend.

It seems Gracie has more lives than your average cat, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s got that sweet lovable goofy face down pat.