My Stream of Consciousness piece will truly be that as I’m determined to write it in ten minutes or less.  (Those being ten consecutive minutes, as opposed to last week where it was more like two + two + three + one + two.)  Which means this might be weird.  Or boring.  Or random as hell.


This week’s prompt is “concentration.”  You can find the details at Linda’s blog here.

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on Sundays!

Concentration is somewhat…challenging for me.  I have a nasty habit of having multiple things going on at one time.

For example, right now I’ve got six programs open on the laptop.  There are nine tabs open in Safari alone, six of which have to do with writing.  One is Facebook, and the other two are me trying to figure out how to upload photos to Instagram from my computer through Dropbox. (That one’s not going so great thus far.)

BrightSide is cuddling with the kids on the couch while West Wing plays on tv and there’s a gigantic storm raging outside.

All of these are pinches pulling at my attention, this way and that.  I’d like to think I can concentrate just fine regardless.  I actually have that tv running in the background way too much for my own good; studies have proven that to me, but I tend to be hard headed about this sort of thing.  So there it is.

See?  Just then.  I swore this would be finished in ten minutes and I got sucked into a little three minute part of the West Wing story that got me giggling.  Sheesh!

Here’s a list of some of the things I have next to no ability to concentrate on:

  • tax codes
  • dusting
  • cleaning out the office without getting distracted by random finds
  • the electoral college, specifically delegates versus super delegates and their role in the selection of a candidate
  • War and Peace

As opposed to a list of things I find completely enthralling:

  • a terrific plate of nachos
  • Facebook  (sometimes)
  • crime novels (Baldacci, Cornwell, Kellerman, etc.)
  • a great pedicure
  • People magazine
  • beautiful a cappella harmonies

Overall, though, focus is definitely an area I could use some improvement in, and I’m pretty sure it starts with the tv.  If only I weren’t so dang addicted to Netflix…