like bad hair days aren’t bad enough

Moms get a bad rap.  We’re told we have frumpy clothes and old fashioned values and embarrass our kids when we try to use slang.  But “mom hair” is by far the biggest slap in the face.  I mean, bad hair days are bad enough…but now we just have bad hair?  Come on.

“We’ve all heard of the ‘mom haircut.’  Traditionally, it’s extremely short, requires little maintenance, and we’ve all had its explicit uncoolness drilled into our heads for about as long as we’ve been alive.  But the times, they are a-changing, and a recent piece in the New York Times says it’s not actually one specific haircut that makes moms uncool.  Rather, it’s just that any hairstyle moms like is automatically uncool by association.”

Sorry We Ruined Haircuts By Having Both Hair And Children At The Same Time – Scary Mommy

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