Sista-friend introduced us to what is possibly the best dog treat in the whole wide world.


Now, she also introduced us to pig ears (icky!) and bully sticks (smelly, plus a tough concept to boot), but I count antlers as the real winner of the three.

They’re kind of pricey as far as bones go, but deer antlers provide our dogs with weeks, sometimes even months of entertainment.  They carry them from room to room, gnawing away, resting their chins on them when they want a break.

And the times when they pass one back and forth?  Well, that’s just about the funniest sight ever.  One will chew for a while then lie down near the antler, breathing peacefully.  The other creeps closer and closer to rest her nose nearby, steadily inching forward until she’s only a hair’s breadth away.  Then she waits.

By that time I’m laughing so hard I’m shaking, trying desperately to keep quiet so I don’t disturb the drama. Except there’s never any drama!  Eventually the second dog decides the first must really be done, gently reaches over, and steals the antler for herself.

It’s so nice when the kids share.


My entry as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.