the second set of marriage vows

They say the life of a writer is a solitary pursuit.  Well, that may be so for a lot of people, but I’ve already climbed on board this family train so it’s full steam ahead for me.

In the interest of not destroying my relationship while writing RFTM, I’ve established my own particular Blogger Marriage Vows.  So here it is, BrightSide…from me to you.

I solemnly swear I will not fight with you on the blog.  We will sit on the couch and bicker over stupid things like normal people until we are too old to care.  Unless we’ve had it all out and it’s funny as hell…then all bets are off.

I will never post photos that you wouldn’t be pleased to find sitting on your desk at work.  Or at least in your desk at work.  Maybe under some manilla folders.

Any language on the blog is my sole responsibility.  I promise to always be true to myself if you promise to dismiss anyone’s commentary with a blithe, “Yeah, my wife cusses like a sailor, but she makes a mean pound cake.”

I will avoid using gossip, innuendo, rumors, or half truths for cheap laughs.  If I’m going for laughs, I’ll shoot for the expensive ones.

I promise to keep our dirty laundry off the internet.  Except for my parenting struggles, Gracie’s exploits, the occasional toilet anecdote, my terrible housekeeping skills, and the very real possibility that our kids are surviving on eggs and cheese quesadillas.  Well, I guess that means I’ll keep your dirty laundry off the internet.

I swear I will not dog on your favorite athletes, although I reserve the right to comment on televising golf tournaments.

I promise to love, honor, and cherish your ability to laugh at my escapades, no matter how crazy they sound or how bizarre they make our life seem.  You are my best friend, my love, and an extraordinarily good sport.


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