kids and the post-vacation letdown

Traveling with the kids has gotten easier over the years, but it’s definitely come with some shocks along the way.  Learning moments, if you will.  Eye opening experiences that forever shattered my vision of vacation as a whirlwind Disney musical.

Things often end up being a lot more in the trenches than your typical Belle twirling through the ballroom.

“…Let’s talk about those three days post-vacation with kids.  In our house, we call it The Hangover From Fun…

It doesn’t matter if you had a magical vacation during which the stars aligned and all of your children ate, slept, and behaved well the entire time or if you had one of those pull-your-hair-out vacations where no one sleeps, kids fight, and headaches occur.

The Hangover From Fun happens regardless.

After A Vacation With Kids: Handling The Hangover From Fun – Scary Mommy

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