Okay, everybody, truth time: some people find me quirky.  Unusual.  Odd, even.

It’s shocking, I know.

They’re not quite sure what to do with me and my sense of humor.  My sarcasm can be jarring to those used to more, shall we say, gentile playfulness.  And “gentile” is a word rarely applied to my banter.

Hey, there’s a reason the blog’s tagline is “real life with a side of snark.”

But fate has seen fit to bring certain people into my life, people who have become precious friends.  Folks with the wit and snarkiness who truly get me in all my weirdness.

Friends who make me laugh so hard my belly aches.

I love these guys beyond all words.  We need t-shirts, decoder rings, and a secret handshake. Then one of these days I’ll gather everyone up, pull out the tequila, and shuttle us off to get matching tattoos.

This post is part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.