a wanderer’s thoughts, part 2

Missed my first set of ramblings?  You can find those here.  As for now, onto quirky travel observations from our trip, part deux.

* My travel clothes have changed over the years.  I used to care a lot more about looking nice, so I’d fly in outfits that might not have been comfortable but they ranked low on the sloppy meter. Eventually I realized the value of not being pinched and poked by my clothes at 30,000 feet and opted for more comfortable (although still nice-ish) clothing.

* Jeans were a sad experiment in airline travel; who knew denim could be so disappointing? Then for a while I wore a long, loose skirt and flowing blouse I loved, but I kept getting pulled for extra screening (security eventually told me the outfit wasn’t body conscious enough).  I’ve finally accepted that workout gear is gonna have to be my go to here. I’ve never been the style girl anyway; I might as well embrace it.  I will simply smile in appreciation of the ladies in heels with their wrinkle free dresses, scarves, and jewelry.

* Certain families leave me awestruck while we’re traveling.  Like the people whose kids have matching swimsuits on vacation…it’s a miracle we manage to get packed and out of town on time; I can’t fathom achieving this level of organization.  Plus there’s the fact that my kids would stage a coup if I tried to make them wear matching anything.

* We passed a family in the airport that had not two but four kids wearing matching sneakers. Plus there was the group that had coordinated outfits between all kids and adults in their party: a central color theme, matching shorts for the boys/men, complementary colors for the girls/women, accessories that worked together.  It was like watching a magazine shoot walk into real life.  Can you tell we’re not these people?  (snort)

* I’m not a great travel sleeper.  I mean, I need my sleep, I’m just not good at doing it.  My head snaps forward and sideways and back again like a jerky marionette on knotted strings.  Bear kindly pointed out this trip that I sleep with my mouth open (an attractive look, I’m sure) and while I breathe that “golf ball thing goes up and down” in my throat.  So glad I can provide my children amusement even in my unconscious state.

* We’ve found things in Mexico to be very…cheeky.  Thongs are popular again, drawing mixed reactions from our clan.  I have no personal issues with thongs, only a sincere confusion about how one could possibly be comfortable walking around with their ass hanging out.  Also, how does someone keep herself from instinctively reaching back to pull material out of her crack? Bear feels the need to announce each thong’s presence until I acknowledge it.  T-man will chime in occasionally in a disapproving tone.  And BrightSide?  Well, being the very intelligent man that he is, BrightSide has mastered a meticulous non-reaction to the thongs.

* Speedos have been just as prevalent and caused almost as much ruckus.  I find this ironic for two reasons – first, there’s the obvious issue of TMI around the pool for both me and the kids. Second, walking toward someone in a speedo presents the monumental challenge of deciding where to rest my eyes, complicated by the fact that I’m literally face to face with speedo man.  At least the same dilemma with the thong lady only shows up when she’s turned the other way.  Thank heaven for small favors.

* Went for round three at the karaoke bar with Bear last night.  (Did I mention rounds one or two? No?  Well, let’s just say she’s been bit by the bug.)  Children are allowed from 7pm-10pm and then it’s adults only until 2am.  That means the front end is heavy on young girl stuff, the younger the tougher on the ears.  One little bit requested Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  (Can you believe they even have that?!)  We’ve been privy to Frozen marathons, and early evenings have heavily leaned on Taylor Swift and Dixie Chicks offerings.  But chica’s having fun.  She even tried her first solo last night…as did I.  Good times.

* Does anyone else have hotel room expectations that erode over time?  The first day we check in BrightSide always lays down the ground rules with T-man and Bear: put your stuff away (or at least out of sight), put dirty clothes there, put shoes in the closet.  We’re not gonna throw our stuff everywhere and trash the room.  I am 110% on board with this plan, and the first few days go like clockwork.

* Here we are on day six and this is what I see: sandals and water shoes on the floor; backpack by the couch; coffee table with snacks, two newspapers, sunscreen, room key, mophie chargers, one book, headphones, a power stick, and spare bag; the tv console holds a hat and glasses, goggles, the tooth Bear pulled last night, and gum; and the amount of clothes scattered across the tub’s edge defies description.  I think we may be hovering around a D- on the hotel expectations mark (which is pretty typical six days in).

* It’s been a wonderful week of rest and relaxation.  I’m bound and determined to tuck away a piece of this paradise for those days when the stress level gets too high.


2 thoughts on “a wanderer’s thoughts, part 2

  1. Haha! When my girls were all in girls’ clothes, I often bought 3 of something, and they LOVED it! The smaller two also liked outgrowing an item and growing into another one just like it. I thought it was easier, and especially if it was on sale. THREE FOR ME, Please! 🙂 Sometimes now they still all want the same things.

    I generally wear khakis and a tee shirt to fly. Can’t get more boring-mom-safe lookin that that 😉

    So funny to read of all these relatable family vacation things 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s crazy how much is the same, isn’t it? I have a friend whose two girls (different ages) LOVE to dress alike. They put their heads together before getting dressed for the day, and they confer again before putting on pajamas. So adorable!

      Liked by 1 person

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