SoCS – second by second

In ten seconds I can:

  • tie one shoe
  • swipe on clear mascara
  • find clean socks
  • name five of the seven dwarves

In thirty seconds I can:

  • wrestle something delicious from Gracie’s mouth
  • whisk eggs and milk for the skillet
  • paint the toenails on my left foot
  • put my hair back in this weird half pony, half bun thing at the nape of my neck

In sixty seconds I can:

  • google the names of the other two dwarves
  • stir brownie mix without exhausting my t-rex arms
  • tell if I’ve made an enormous mistake when picking a movie
  • lose my keys, glasses, phone, mail, pen, and/or coffee

There are 3,600 seconds in one hour.  86,400 seconds in one day.  31,536,000 seconds in one year.

With all those seconds floating around, how on earth can I say I don’t have time to do anything?

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Join in on Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday’s.  This week’s prompt is “second.”  You can find all the gory details here.  Happy writing!

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