I’ve been busy collecting burning questions again.  Random thoughts that pop into my head and burrow in like a groundhog preparing for winter.  I find life much easier when I set them free, say, on the blog.  So let’s go, shall we?

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* Our education system has been under increasing scrutiny for their core curriculum, and it’s hard to argue with wanting all kids to read.  I can’t help but wonder, though…why on earth don’t we demand Useful Life Skills be taught in our nation’s schools?  Balancing a checkbook, doing laundry, proper dishwasher loading.  We could save marriages with some of these courses.  High schools could offer advanced electives in Black Friday shopping and water cooler office politics.  Just think of the number of American adults set loose in the workforce with nary a clue about walking the fine line between harmless chitchat and wildfire gossip.

* If they created Rain-X, why can’t scientists invent something for bird poo and bug guts? Surely there’s some sort of chemical compound that would prevent these goopy blobs from streaking up the windshield.

* What is it about certain people that make them so magnetic?  BrightSide is one of these guys. Kids are drawn to him like moths to a flame (without the sizzle and pop part).  Is he giving off some kind of pheromone that’s the silent equivalent of ice cream truck music?

* Approximately 189 million American households are locked in the same kitchen dilemma: store tupperware with lids on, tripling the cupboard space necessary but ensuring we’ll always be able to find a complete set?  Or store them nested with lids stacked nearby, using less cupboard space but guaranteeing lids will get sucked into a vortex?  I’ve tried it both ways and can’t say either’s been successful.

* We live in the south.  Folks here eat, drink, and breathe sweet friendly openness that strikes up conversations in waiting rooms and elevators, popcorn lines and restrooms.  This attitude provokes actions that would make people in other cities file for a restraining order.  I’ve lived it; I’ve (mostly) loved it.  But I cannot for the life of me understand why folks around here drag their southern sensibilities into four way stops.  There are laws, people.  You waving me on when you have the right of way just puts us both in an awkward stutter step with our cars, lurching forward and stopping until we figure out who’s really going first.  Just go.  For the love.

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