“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

– Margaret Atwood

Not to sound like every other blogger out there, but I spent my childhood summers playing morning ’til night.  We ran loose in the streets – I mean, it’s not like I was initiated into a gang or anything, but there was some Truth or Dare involved.  We took turns eating PB&J sandwiches at each other’s houses for lunch and splashing through the creek in our bare feet.  When the streetlights came on it was time to head home for the night, clean up, and have dinner with my family.

And my fingernails were always filthy.

I love that I have outdoor kids.  Ones who love nature and adventure and playing with friends.  Kids who ask for bikes and scooters and a basketball hoop.

I consider the fact that they often smell like dirt a feather in my parenting cap.

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