Last week’s interview with T-man was a real eye opener for several reasons.

He was surprisingly relaxed and natural, joking around with me on some of the easy questions. I really ought to spend more time with that kid one-on-one; he’s kind of a hoot.

He was remarkably open, sometimes needing a minute to compose his thoughts about tough questions but always giving honest answers.  He didn’t balk at a single query, just soldiered on and did his best to share his truth.

And some of his truth was not what I expected.  (Which goes to show you I should really be asking more questions around here.)  I gained some surprising insight into how T-man’s mind works – how he processes our life together and the different ways we see the same thing.

Tomorrow’s Forever Family is my chance to look at the answers that have been running around in my brain for the last week.  Give it a read and share your own perspective…I’d love to have some more input on these!