We’re rolling into the fall soccer season around these parts and (praise Jesus) both kids have decided to return to the sport.  It may stick, it may not – either way, I’m pretty excited they’re spending some more time playing the game I’ve loved my whole life.  I can cheer on my kids in a lot of things, but I truly understand few of them the way I understand soccer.

As someone who was blessed with the opportunity to coach three seasons of this sport for T-man’s team, I love this post.  This guy gets it.  Do you coach?  Work with kids in any way?  Have kids?  Know kids?  Click over – this is worth the read.

“So, you’ve volunteered to coach soccer.

Your life will change.  How much depends on you.  It’ll force early hair loss, or high blood pressure, perhaps.  Or, it will reveal character and strength you never knew existed.

Seriously, few things in this life will stir your soul like coaching your kid in soccer.

Seriously, few things in this life could scar your kids like coaching your kid in soccer.”

11 Essential Questions for Every Youth Soccer Coach – Coach Daddy