They may be tweens who act all grown, but we still have plenty of moments when my kids need me to wrap my arms around them.  When Bear had a tough day at school.  When T-man felt betrayed by a friend or classmate.  When life is plain old hard.

And there’s a power in reaching out to comfort my children.  Even more so when I feel like I’ve actually helped in some small way.

But when the kids reach out to me?  When they wrap their arms around me and press their cheeks to my chest, holding on tight?  Well, that’s just priceless.

There were tough days in the weeks and months after I lost my mom.  I reached out to BrightSide and to friends, drawing on their love and support, but there were times when my sorrow spilled into our home.  Into my parenting.

In some of my lowest moments I witnessed the most beautiful compassion in T-man and Bear. They would see my pain and wrap their arms around me, pressing their love into my soul and healing my heart.

What a blessing the two of them have been.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.