As someone who’s been known to hide in my car, scribbling madly in a notebook while skulking behind the wheel in a parking lot, I don’t have much room for mocking others’ pastimes.  People who live in glass houses and all that jazz.  For all I know there are lots of folks who think writing so you can send your work out onto the internet is a spazzy way to spend my time.

The thing is I’ve never understood Pokémon.  Not when it was playing cards that caused such an uproar in class we had to ban them from third grade, and not now when grown ass adults are veering off the road trying to catch these things with their phones.  While driving.  What the hell?!?

But I can always count on Sass & Balderdash to have a fresh perspective on things.

“…Aside from the frequent technical glitches that only seem to happen after you’ve wasted 17 Pokéballs wooing a CP 767 Tauros that won’t be saved to your Pokédex when you relaunch the game, the biggest struggle of Pokémon Go is finding a good variety of Pokémon to catch.  Where are the rare Pokémon?

At first I thought the often unimpressive Pokémon selection was a flaw in the game, but perhaps all of us Pokémon Go players just need to get more creative.  We need to channel our inner Pokémon.  We need to ask ourselves, ‘If I were Magnemite, where would I hang out?’  To help guide your thinking, here are a few places where you might be able to find uncommon Pokémon while playing Pokémon Go.”

Where to Find Rare Pokémon in ‘Pokémon Go’ – Without Discovering a Dead Body: Sass & Balderdash