This post has the greatest juxtaposition of anything I’ve done yet.  Stick with me, though.  It’s all heading toward the same end goal.

Late night tv took great delight in political convention coverage last month, serving up their whimsy with slices of convention moments.  Samantha Bee aired a mind bending segment called “Most Lives Matter” that was startlingly funny punctuated with moments of wait, what?  The pertinent portion begins at the two minute mark.

Note:  I watched a great deal of both conventions on CNN but learned about this clip from a friend.  If you are of the republican persuasion, I am in no way making light of their convention.  This clip is an excellent example of facing truth through humor.  Please keep an open mind.

Most Lives Matter: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS)

On an much more sober note, I’ve given wide berth to the week of the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings because it’s just been too raw.  Much like the blogger at Trauma Mama Drama, every time I tried to form emotion into words it came up lacking.  Not enough life on the page, and not nearly enough pain to capture the tornado in my heart.

Since so many of you have read impassioned “Black Lives Matter” pieces until the words skip right by, I’m sharing this blog post.  It has a bit of the personal followed by an extraordinary amount of research.  Hard and fast statistics that skip appealing to the heart and go straight to laying the groundwork for understanding how race permeates every area of society.  It’s a long read but full of invaluable insight.  Please take the time to visit.

This List of Social Statistics Should Help Clear Up The Issue of America’s Racial Inequalities – Trauma Mama Drama

If I acknowledge that All Lives Matter, can we finally get on to the business of saving the most endangered lives among us?

Black Lives Matter