As a follow up to Friday’s reblog from Trauma Mama Drama, here’s another post I came across that’s haunted me for days.

It’s one woman’s story of what happened on her commute, and it is mesmerizing.  A white woman right in the middle of everything, able to see each piece of the puzzle as it clicked into place.  This is one train ride worth hearing about.

“I was sitting in the corner of the Red Line T closest to the conductor when a group of about eight black kids from the ages of 12-16 entered.

I automatically noticed their presence because of how absolutely loud and rowdy they were being.  Smiling to myself, because of how crazy they were all acting, I turned up the music in my headphones and bounced along with the train…

At around the South Station stop, the conductor’s door swung open and through my oversized headphones I could tell she told the kids to quiet down.  The kids mouthed off to her and she called the MBTA security.”

This week I had one of the most disturbing train rides of my life – and it changed my perspective on Black Lives Matter | Voices | The Independent