gratitude: the hidden sky


There are times when I step outside at night and stand in awe.

I grew up in your typical suburban neighborhoods, so while it wasn’t exactly city life there was enough light pollution to dim the sky’s brilliance.  You could see the moon and stars, and what I saw was really all I ever knew.

Then I met BrightSide, and he showed me a sky I never knew existed.

I learned that there are places so dark the closest stars shine like spotlights and the spaces in between are littered with pinpricks from a thousand stars I’d never seen before.  The moon hangs as anything from the brightest sliver to a glowing orb tinged with red.

So now sometimes I stand in our driveway and stare at the sky.  I listen to the crickets or the quiet, depending on the evening, and look at the blanket of stars above me.  When I’m still I feel a hush surrounding me, and the vastness of the sky makes me feel I’m a part of something far greater than I understand.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

3 thoughts on “gratitude: the hidden sky

    • You know, I don’t look up enough either. I had to take something to the curb at 11pm the other night and spent a few minutes staring at the stars, thinking about how it wasn’t hideously hot. 🙂

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