Some folks go for the big, flashy stuff.  Skywriting on their anniversary.  Dancing flash mob proposals.  Billboards declaring eternal love and undying loyalty.

Kids can fall into the big and flashy trap, too.  Planning enormous breakfasts in bed for Mother’s Day or wanting to buy expensive presents at Christmas.  They forget the little things like macaroni necklaces and hugs are just as special, even more so when they show up at that moment when life feels especially hard.

Sometimes it’s the little things that knock you off your feet.

Like when you’re walking along with your son on a warm summer day and then this happens:

T-man:  You’re my favorite mom.
me:  You’re my favorite son.
T-man:  Well, yeah, but I’m your only son.  Unless there’s something you haven’t told me.
me:  Nope.  And you’re still my favorite son.

A silly little back and forth, something a lot of moms would hold onto as an awww moment.  But for me?  Well, that thirty second blip packed enough punch to carry me through the rest of my day, and it brings a smile to my face every single time I remember it.

My head knows this isn’t a popularity contest.  As a matter of fact, I’m certain T-man wasn’t even consciously comparing me to his birthmother.  But in these days when things can feel so hard – when he’s sad or confused or just plain old tired of being different – having a moment like this is pure joy for me.

Upcoming post:

I’m prepping for BrightSide’s Forever Family interview (you’re gonna do great, honey!) and thought I’d open it up for questions.  Is there anything you’ve been wondering about the dad in our household?  Adoption related?  Life related?  Fill-in-the-blank related?  Shoot me a message if you’re got any burning questions on your mind.