For someone who was slow to jump on the social media train, there’s one particular facet that I’ve been an enormous fan of from the start.

Throwback Thursday.

It’s a perfect fit for me, really.  Photos, flashbacks, remembering the good old days (because all memories of the kids at those perilously young ages are filtered through the kindness of time).  Love every single bit of it.

And then I came across this.


Oh. My. Gosh.  Right?!?

I guess I’d better back up.

My mom is one of those ladies in the advertisement above.  She spent some time working in television, which was a pretty cool thing for a gal from a small Pennsylvania town.  I loved discovering this snippet of life from her early days.

But what really gives me a kick is the copy.

“Recognize these girls”?  Oh my oh my oh my.  I just…it’s so…oh my.

“…these are the faces of good looking television…”  I wonder if that was listed on the job description.

WDAU-TV is searching for a few girls for good looking television.  Must be poised, white glove ready, and prepared to pose gracefully with a cigarette in hand.

Just for the record, I had to look up “distaff.”  Well, wouldn’t you know it means female, ladylike, womanly, or maternal.  I’d have thought that would be obvious from the picture. And the title. And their names.

Plus there’s the outfits!  These ladies run the spectrum.  Sophisticated and elegant, ready for a night on the town or maybe a fancy garden party.  Cultivated ladies in business wear, as well as the smart pantsuit hanging in every woman’s closet.  The one that really throws me is the swimsuit, though.

Okay, Mary, we’ve got the other ladies outfitted for the photo shoot…now here’s your swimsuit.  We want you to go for a Betty Boop sort of thing, and dangle a sunhat from your fingers to lend it an air of sophistication.  Why?  Why…hmmm, that’s a good question.  Well, it’s a great way to remind our viewers that even though well dressed women might be working in television, at heart you’re all really the girl next door.

Oh, how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that wardrobe conversation.

Is this not the best throwback find ever?