My kids go back to school tomorrow.  We met their teachers last week – people who’ve spent their summer strengthening their skills for a new group of students, or researching material for a new grade level.  Incredibly hard working folks, one and all, and I’ve stumbled across a post that sums up my feelings perfectly.

“I imagine the day when teachers step into the spotlight to become part of the elitist group that comes with being a celebrity.  When teachers are the rich and famous.  When teachers are the ones who own summer and winter houses.  When teachers sail in luxurious yachts bringing back experiences and knowledge to enhance understanding in their classroom.  I dream of the day when sports cards aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.  When every kid wants their teacher’s “Teacher Cards”.  When a teacher’s rookie card is worth more than a tanker ship filled to the gills with crude oil.”

I Imagine A Day | All In A Dad’s Work