Hundreds of stars had to align so that I would meet BrightSide at exactly the right moment in my life.

My dad had to be stationed in Virginia during my high school years so UVA would even be on my radar.  I had to love Virginia enough to want to return for college, even though everyone around me was applying to New England schools.  BrightSide had lots of great Virginia schools to choose from, then he had to decide he’d rather attend UVA than play basketball for a smaller school.

We had to meet each other amidst 13,000+ undergraduate students.  Somehow we landed ourselves in the same public speaking class, but we were both involved in serious relationships at the time.  Meaning we both had to end up leaving those serious relationships and then somehow run into each other again.  At a school with over 13,000 people wandering around.  Yep.

Then, in the ultimate cosmic twist, BrightSide and I not only ran into each other at a party but we met again the very day that we’d split from those other relationships.

Now, who can argue with timing like that?

Fate, the universe, God’s master plan – whatever you choose to call it, the stars certainly aligned so the two of us met at exactly the right moment.  And my life has been all the better for it.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.